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Hey there,
Hope you have a great weekend. I am probably going to just lay low and hang this weekend in Nashville before the rush of the Country Music Festival. I might check out a movie or two. Had a great date at a place called “The Factory” in Franklin and suggest you see it if you come to town and have already seen all the touristy stuff. Did I mention that I got to go to Sara Evans number one party for “Stronger”? It was fun to see a lot of industry folks all in a good mood. It’s unusual for an artist to take 6 years off and come back with a number one. She did it and could not be more happy. Lady A was there since Hillary wrote the song. Did not take a lot of pictures but here is one
Yesterday, while on the treadmill watched Kenny Chesney “Living In Fast Forward”. Wow. It made me think of the beach in Gulf Shores and the BVI where Kenny hangs out and my trips to those places. Going to head back to both ASAP. It’s amazing how Kenny can put you in such a mood to want to hit the sand. When we saw him in Lexington recently, his show puts you on a vacation.

When the Sun Goes Down

Yeah, now I for sure need to head to the BVI again soon. IF you ever want to go where Chesney writes his songs, it is awesome. I always stay with Captain Al at and you should too. Have a great weekend!

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