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What a Memorial Day Weekend! Think I ate enough burgers, steaks, and hot dogs to feed a country. Saw Hangover 2 with a group of around 15 or so and Jake Owen joined us. If you have not heard his new one it’s called Barefoot Bluejean Night! It’s his biggest seller he’s had.
The movie was hysterical and my favorite line is “the monkey gets it”.
Saturday night there was a festival downtown with some great stages going and a group of us went. We ended up at Jimmy Buffett and he puts on a great show. Chris Young joined us and we all pretty much stayed out of trouble.

Chesney jumped up and sang a couple of songs too!

Played golf over the weekend and shot the best I have EVER shot. Played with a very cool songwriter named Anthony Smith. Great guy. Trying to get the final touches on everything for us to start on air in California in the Morongo Valley. Looking forward to being on out there in a few places before end of summer. Got to run right now will check in later in the week with a better blog. 🙂 Have a good one

OH yeah, this is downtown on a typical SaturDAY in Nashville!

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