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Well, this is a big week with TONS going on. The Hangover Part II opens Thursday & we’ll be checking out the first showing in
Nashville. I really hope it lives up to the hype, but that will be tough to do.

The same day, Lexi gets here & it’s a special visit because she’s bringing her boyfriend along for part of it. We’ve only chatted briefly on Skype so I’m looking forward to meeting the young man in person. Also coming up with some plans to mess with him & embarrass Lexi. Of course, having all the kids together is the best. I can’t wait.

This weekend we start the moving process. We’re moving to a different school district, as we’ve been REALLY let down by the school
the kids have attended. It was supposed to be one of the best in our county but I can’t agree. Mostly the counseling & administrative
staff at fault, but enough that we’re willing to uproot. The good news is, we’re moving to an area that has a lot of stuff close by (restaurants, movie theatres, etc) & a really nice neighborhood. The moving part is a real pain, but we’re experts. We’ve lived in 7 houses in the last 18 years! I guess we’re nomads.

I hope you have some nice plans with friends & family for Memorial Day weekend. As you enjoy time together, please don’t forget
to take a moment to remember the reason behind the day. A quick prayer or thought for fallen men & women of the military would
be an easy “thank you” for all they & their families sacrificed.

Talk to you soon!

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