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Hey there,
Coming up this weekend we head to Lexington with our friends at 92.9 WLXX. Kenny Chesney’s show will be great. Looking forward to hanging in town Friday night and Saturday being at the Austin City Saloon before we head over to the Kenny show. We will be back to Austin City Saloon when it’s over too, so come see us!

I’ve been tweeting about a LIFE CHANGING moment for me. It may not seem like a big deal but it is to me. Paying off my ex wife years early this week. Let me be clear, it’s not a bitter thing and we get along and all. It just did not work out, but I HATE owing money. Try my best to pay off credit cards every month, always pay off my cars early or save and pay cash. Just can’t handle owing. The alimony really weighed on me so I feel for the first time since we got divorced ever how many years ago that was I can now move forward with my life. Never been so excited to write an almost 50 thousand dollar check. LOL. Friends and I are having a small celebration party next week in honor of the event. Have you ever got a huge monkey off your back when you paid off something? What was it?
If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like on a typical night in Nashville, I grabbed some video from a night out. Just a few clips of every bar I went into in one night. It is such a fun town.

It’s always fun in Nashville! I’ll write more Monday with Kenny Chesney scoop and how my songwriting is going. Have a great weekend!
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