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What a great weekend. Got caught up on a few things and got to hang with some good friends, visiting from San Diego.

You know I love music. Was talking with some “Record People” and a question popped into my head and I’d like you to answer or shoot me a tweet answering it (@kris5150) What does it take for you to “Learn Who An Artist Is”. What I mean is years ago, I remember being in a research meeting and everyone knew the songs but nobody could tell who sang what. Notice that some today, an artist can have 2 or 3 hits and still nobody seems to know who that person is. Just curious, when do you say “I want to know who this person is and a little about them”. When does an artist go from “oh I know that song” to “I love so and so”. Hope that makes sense.

Been off my knee for weeks now and it’s killing me not running. Should be back up and going soon. I have NO desire to see Thor, did you see it? Getting ready for our big trip to Lexington! Look forward to seeing everyone there. Recently filmed some TV commercials for Lexington and can’t wait to see them. One other thing. I always try to explain to my friends from other places that in Nashville people will sing ANYWHERE looking for their big break. Leaving the GYM the other day, a band had set up in the lobby. No joke. People will sing anywhere here.

See ya. Have a great day!

Last 10 songs on iPod is a fun game to play. Sometimes embarrassing.

Honeybee- Blake Shelton BLAKE STUFF
ChickenTruck- John Anderson
Closer to the Edge- 30 Seconds To Mars
Ain’t Enough- Van Halen
Barefoot Blue Jean Night- Jake Owen More Jake stuff
Here I Go Again- Whitesnake
Don’t Fall In Love With A Dreamer- Kenny Rogers
The Love Bug- George Jones
Johnny Cash- Jason Aldean
This Love- Maroon 5

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A quick photo of when Tony and Kris did their show from Iraq. Thank you United States Military!

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