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Whew. Busy couple weeks around here. Candy’s had special events at Anthropologie, Meredith has had her play (which wraps this weekend), Geoffrey’s
been working at his new job & I’ve been traveling (& will again next week). Glad to have a few days to enjoy home.

I have to say, seeing the sun today did me a world of good. I never thought I was someone whose mood was affected by the weather, but after so much bad stuff rolling through, I guess I am. Funny how such a seemingly small thing can lift your spirits so much.

My in-laws, like thousands of others, are still without power in Alabama. I’m still blown away by Mother Nature sometimes. My condolences to all who lost loved ones.
Hard to imagine storms like these that cause so much destruction and alter so many lives in just a few minutes. Please help your neighbors in any way you can.

I mentioned this on the air the other day but wanted to get it out here too. I’m so pleased Osama Bin Laden was killed, but I can’t say it’s a celebratory
feeling for me. Try as I might, I can’t get behind “celebrating” the death of another human, no matter how evil he may have been. That’s not to say I don’t
believe he had it coming. The dude was bad news & I’m so proud of our military & intelligence services for the job they did. I just think we were appalled when
we saw folks in the Middle East dancing in the streets over the problems in the U.S., so why should they feel any different when they see the same reactions happening

Counting the days for two things. The arrival of our oldest for a visit from San Diego & the opening of The Hangover Part 2. See the trailer HERE What are you looking forward to
as we head towards summer?


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