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Not really gonna mess with Texas

Real quick blog before we head off to East Texas. Looking forward to hanging with all our friends at KYKX and the BIG BASS BONANZA plus being with Miranda, Josh Kelley, and others at the Cause for the Paws event. Tony and I will be tweeting from these events. (Drinks will be flowing-so it should be interesting) follow on twitter @tonyandkris @Tmoney68 and @kris5150
Our thoughts go out to all those suffering in the south from the tornado. Such Devastion. On our website you can see where to donate to help.
The Royal Wedding this morning, when I get married mine better be bigger than that wedding. That’s all I’m saying on that and I wonder how long the Princess will bug William about doing “thank you” notes. LOL.
Before I run, got to tell you about my awesome nephew. I was back home and taking a nap on the couch and he came in thinking I was asleep and put a blanket on me, then put his hand on my forehead reached down and kissed my cheek and tip toed out. He’s too awesome. Have a great weekend and I will check back first of next week.

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