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Wow. You know I hate being serious but wow. I was in an armed robbery this weekend. It happened so fast, I did not really realize how serious it was until the cops talked about it with me. It happened at a gas station here in Nashville about lunch on Easter Sunday. Just filling up my truck, went in to use the restroom come out and a guy is there waiving a gun at the cashier. Everybody is ok, but he could have easily just have shot us. The cops did not catch him if you were wondering. My dad always taught me to be nice and NEVER leave a bad conversation with someone cause you never know when something might happen and the last thing you say is not what you want on your conscience forever. I just know I did not like having a gun aimed at me.

Found these tips on what to do if you are ever involved in a robbery too..
Call the police immediately, even if you have already activated the alarm.
Close the store and lock the door(s) if you have a key.
Do not discuss the details of the robbery with witnesses or fellow employees.
Ask any witnesses to stay until police arrive. If they can’t, get their names, phone numbers and addresses.
Do not touch anything that the robber may have touched. Block off areas where the robber was, if necessary.
Try to recall as much as you can about the robber’s appearance, speech and mannerisms. Make notes.
Step outside the store when the police arrive so that they’ll know the robber is gone and you are safe.
Let the police answer inquiries from the news media.
Do not discuss the amount of money taken with anyone other than police.

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We head to Longview/Tyler, Texas this weekend for the KYKX Big Bass Bonanza and Miranda Lambert’s Paws for the Cause. It should be lot of fun and we will have lots of pictures.
Details on TEXAS trip

The Voice starts on NBC this week. Love this song and love that Blake sang some of it. Click here to see it. Blake sings Crazy

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