Tony’s Easter Blog

Happy Easter! Just a quick check-in to say I hope you get some time with your friends & family on this most special day.
No big plans here. Candy made Easter baskets for our two at home (even though they’re WELL past the age for it) & of course,
they’re happy to have a big collection of sugar. Ugh. She even put together a package with all the Easter “fixins” to ship to Lexi
in San Diego. As you parents know, it doesn’t matter how old they get, they’ll always be your babies!

Meredith has been in rehearsals for several weeks for the musical, “13” & it finally opened this weekend. We saw it opening night
& I was really impressed with the kids. There are some really talented young actors involved. The set is a little drab (all painted black) so I
wish a different choice had been made with that so it would match the vibrant theme of the show, but hey, I’m not the director (this time).
If you’re in the Nashville area & want to see a fun show about the trials & tribulations of being 13, you should definitely check it out. I pasted the
Web address below so you can see a little more about it.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend & have a good week!


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