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The kinder & gentler American Idol seems to be surviving without Simon Cowell. I have to admit I’m surprised I still like it. Simon really made it for me. Luckily, Steven Tyler is pretty entertaining. It was Motown night last night & I think most of the singers did a really
good job. This season seems to have some of the best singers they’ve had on the show in a while. There’s a couple of them the judges really like that I can’t get on board with though. Scotty has talent but I don’t get the hype. An okay voice & now referring to himself in third person. Really? Not cool. I also have to say that Jacob, while clearly a lot of fun, is so inconsistent that he shouldn’t be garnering so much praise. In the words of Randy – “Pitchy, dawg.” If you’re watching, who do you think can win this season?

Forgot to mention this the other day when I saw The Lincoln Lawyer. Gotta bone to pick. If you’re going to show up at the theater 10 minutes after the movie is scheduled to start, please don’t look so shocked when you find there aren’t any good seats left. This never ceases to amaze me. People will come stand in the aisle, staring slack-jawed at all the people, amazed that anyone besides them could have wanted to see this movie on a Saturday evening. Then, some have the nerve to ask people to scoot down or scrunch in so they can sit together. Don’t even consider asking me to do that. Get there on time & you’ll have your choice of seats. Why bother those of us smart enough to arrive early? Whew, glad to get that off my chest.

One more thing. I came across this picture of an old toy the other day & found it funny. Superman could fly, right? Did he really need this accessory?

Almost the weekend! Hope you have some fun plans cooking!


One thought on “Please Don’t Do THIS At The Movies! Tony’s Blog

  1. Tinsy Mullins

    So, it appears I am the only one who has either read this blog or just had an opinion to voice on your entry….lol! Clearly, I agree with you whole-heartedly on the American Idol stuff. Simon was what made the show for me when I used to watch it religiously, but I do have to say Steven Tyler has done an amazing job and is actually more amazing to me now than he was back in my “Aerosmith” days! Scotty is an ok singer in my opinion, if you are at a local karaoke bar and wanting to hear someone do a good cover of a country song that has a low enough voice to cover the artists you may love, that most just can seem to cover. Jacob is ok, but I do agree that I don’t understand what the praise is about. Come on people, Is it a singing contest or just a fan base where you give everyone praise because of fads or what you think is in my opinion, “Cute”.
    I feel the best talent overrall on American Idol is Casey Abrams and James Durbin. These 2 have no competition whatsoever to me, and I have studied on why Casey ended up in the bottom 3! I do think the Judges made the best choice in order to use the wild card and save one of the very few talented artists in the competition and keep America entertained. Music this day and time that is good, such as the old stuff, is scarce and if you will, hard to find. Lets please keep the real talent on the program and stick behind them in order to see them succeed.
    As far as The Lincoln Lawyer, I haven’t saw that yet but Matthew Mcconaughey is one of my favorite actors, and I hope you enjoyed this film…haha! But I agree, if you want a good seat, get there in time to sit where you want and not pester those who have arrived at a decent time before the film and gotten comfortable and completely ready for the movie to start. But as they say, Ignorance is bliss my friend.
    I intended on replying with one or two sentences but couldn’t resist. Enjoy your day!

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