What You Do At Wal-Mart That Drives Me Crazy-Kris’ Blog

Hi there,
Been another crazy week and it’s still got half way to go. Just a heads up- It’s close to Tax time and if you have to do the detailed forms you better get on it. My question of the week. Why do people always pay for things separately at Wal Mart? Rarely do I go through a line there where the person in front of me does not say something like “Yeah and I want to pay for these items separate”. What is that all about? Drives me nuts. Officially started my p90x again to be ready for summer. It’s going to be great this time. Got my back fixed and am ready to be serious about it. Exciting for me. Hope everyone is doing something to be healthy and better. If you’ve done P90X I’d love to know what a sample menu was for you. I’m trying to keep mine simple. BTW, does anyone know a good travel agency that wants to be our official agency? We are trying to get sponsors for the webpage and thought a good travel agency would be cool. ACM’s and Vegas is coming. Strap on another liver. Should be an interesting award show this year with Aldean and Blake starting to get recognition. Someone new always means somebody gets pushed out that’s usually been a star for a while. Ahh, the circle of life. Kendra from Dancing with the Stars was on the show. She was ok, and Ronnie Dunn came in studio. Man that guy is amazing. Can’t wait for his cd to be out! The Sara Evans CD is selling a lot! Top of iTunes chart. It’s really good. I still dig the Jerrod Niemann cd too. Putting the finishing touches on our “Tony and Kris Fly Aways!” Many great trips to see many AWESOME shows. It’s easy to win too. Details coming soon.

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