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Hope all is well in your world. Been busy as always. Had a crazy week at a seminar here in Music City. Saw many artists and friends. One that really stood out and you will be hearing a lot from we believe is Bradley Gaskin. Never seen a reaction like he got. Amazing voice. Posted a picture of him below. Can’t wait to get him on the show and hear his story. It was great to hang with Dru and Ginger from KYKX too! Great people and a lot of fun. Alabama did a 1 song reunion. They came on stage during a Brad Paisley song and sang back up. The song is called Old Alabama. It’s just the music to Tennessee River, with titles of Alabama songs mixed through out. Then they sang Lady Down On Love. Wow, still such a great song. Sara Evans stopped by the studio to say “hey” and her new cd “Stronger” is out now. We all discussed what happens when you turn 40. It seems like it could be tough for some people. Going to give P90X a try again. Starting it up after some friends from San Diego head back to Cali. Weather is changing here and I love it. Ready for Golf and the Country Music Festival in June. Thanks for all the calls and emails for my grandmother passing away. I appreciate that. Take care gonna run right now.
Survey Last 10 Songs Played on Your Ipod
1. When It Rains- Paramore
2. Old Alabama- Brad Paisley
3. Just The Way You Are- Bruno Mars
4. U and Dat- E40/T Pain
5. For A Pessimist- Paramore
6. What do you want- Jerrod Niemann
7. Redneck Girl- Bellamy Brothers
8. Take Me on The Floor- Veronicas
9. Heaven- Dj Sammy
10. All My Friends Say- Luke Bryan

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