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February is zipping by & hopefully that means winter is getting out of town soon. I’ve learned that after having spent 16 years in a climate that hovers mostly in the 60s & 70s year-round, having to make it through a “real” winter
is literally making me sick. I was hooked up with that nasty bug in January that went right into a cold I’ve had all of February. Enough already! Sorry to be a whiner, but that’s what guys do. You know that.
Candy can be on death’s door & still run kids back & forth, make dinner, run errands, etc. I’ve got this cold & have already picked out my suit for the funeral.
I know “Survivor” isn’t what it used to be, kind of hit & miss from season to season, but if this season’s first tribal council is any indication I think it could be the best season in a few years.
I’ve never seen one person absolutely destroy another player’s plan so freely. A guy called out others for trying to get him to vote for a certain player & he revealed who has the immunity idol. Really fun TV!
Speaking of fun reality TV, I’m excited for the new season of Amazing Race that starts tonight. Teams that didn’t win on their season are back to try again. They’ve lined up some really great competitors. Should be a blast.
On the family front, no big news for most of us, except Meredith. She auditioned for a musical last week and was cast as one of the main characters. She’s excited & we’re happy to see her getting involved with theatre again.
She was really into it in California but was slow to get back to it here. Without sounding like a “stage dad” I have to say she’s pretty talented so I’m glad to see her putting it to use again.
I don’t buy into to horoscopes & numerology, but this is kind of interesting. It says that you can tell a lot about yourself by the day you were born. Check it out & see if it’s accurate for you. It was pretty close for me. Here’s the link:

I guess that’s it for now. Make sure you get Chris Young’s new single, “Tomorrow” on iTunes. It’s awesome! Ronnie Dunn’s first solo single, “Bleed Red” is worth the buck you’ll spend as well.

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