GUESS WHO CALLED US! we did not even have to bleep him

Hi there,
It’s another week of no snow here (so far) so I’m excited. The ACM nominations came out this morning. Excited to see Jason Aldean getting some props. He deserves it. Blake also getting two noms is cool (he’s also hosting with Reba). Miranda got 7. The entire list of nominations is on We shot Blake a text as soon as they announced his nomination and he called in. It was very cool and you could tell he was excited. Been writing some songs and my co-writers and I are pretty excited. I may have mentioned it before but they have been performing them at open mic nights around town. That is cool to see something you had an idea on grow into something being performed. Saw the King’s Speech. It was good. Not really my thing but good. I’m more of an A Team kind of guy. Saw they hired a new Superman for another movie. Don’t think anything will ever top being a kid and seeing Christopher Reeve run across the street ripping open that shirt to the S logo. As a kid that was just the best. We are adding to the Tony and Kris family very soon and can’t wait to let you know what stations and areas we will be on in. Thank you all for your help in spreading the word about Tony and Kris. Miranda has a number one party this Friday that we are planning on going to and we will try to update you on that. (it may just be Tony if I go out of town).
We hope you make our webpage your homepage and tell your friends to check us out and let your local radio station management know that you like the show or want the show added. 🙂 Have a great day. See ya.
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