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Hi there!  Just a quick update on what all is going on.  First, thanks to Dierks for calling in and telling us about Charles from Lady A setting his car on fire.  You can hear the story in our “Artist” section of the website.  Our buddy Neal McCoy has a book out too and he will be doing an interview with us this week.  We are S.A.G. members since we filmed a bunch of TV shows in the past and we get to vote.  Getting a lot of DVD’s of movies in theatres now which is cool.  We will try to get you some reviews posted this week. Only thing I’ve done this weekend is try to get some new running shoes.  Do you believe out of a HUGE Nike store, not one pair of 13’s.  I’ll try another store this week I guess.  We got some more snow this week.  Ready for spring big time.  Work news.  We have some more big announcements coming soon.  We also have a MAJOR meeting in the next week and a half which could change a lot of things for us.  We will keep you posted.  I think I may have screwed up my knee somehow.  I’ve always ran about 3 miles a day and I can’t hardly walk on it right now.  It stinks.  Oh, one other thing.  Our website is in another growth stage, if you have a business and want to buy ad space, it will soon be available. Everything from just ads, to Banners, to Title sponsor. Just email us at if interested.   That’s all I got for right now but will check in soon.


Hey there.Just a brief blog.  Hope everyone around these parts made it through the snow.  It has been rough in some areas.  Congrats to the Auburn Tigers.  They had a great year and what about that for the state.  2009 had Alabama win Heisman and National Championship and then 2010 Auburn does the same.  Good run for the State.  Pretty sure I did a good deed for a legend the other day.  I was at Wal Mart and saw a frail, elderly woman trying to pick up a case of water.  I walked over and helped her.  She looked so familiar.  No make up on though and hair pulled back.  As I walked away it hit me.  I think that was Loretta Lynn.  I’m going to go ahead and believe it was.  Going to start Video blogging soon.  Lot of changes coming to the website and we hope you check out all the sections as we add to it daily.  Go ahead if you don’t mind and make you homepage.  Have a great day.  BTW, another couple of big announcements coming soon.

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