Kris’ update

Ok, I had a real cool survey that I deleted so I got to see if Tony has a copy of it so I can fill it out and put on here.  It’s about songs and since I’m into lyrics I really liked it.  Getting ready for a great long weekend. Brooks and Dunn’s last concert together is Thursday.  Can’t wait to see it. I talked to my friend Brian who has been on the road with them and he said everyone is getting kind of sad knowing it’s about to be over.  I’ll try to twitter during the show what is going on if you want to follow along at tonyandkris or kris5150.  From what I understand, there is a pre-dinner we are going to and then Tyler Dickerson opening and then a 25 minute video of the History of Brooks and Dunn and when that ends it kicks right into the show.  CMA noms are out and Miranda as expected ROCKED it.  Congrats to her producer and our friend also Frank Liddell.  Chris Young also got a nom for best new artist.  Very excited for him.  Loved Jimmy Fallen’s Emmy Opening singing Springsteen and that was about it for that show.  Speaking of shows, Tony and Kris Fall Flyaway is underway and I’m telling you to make appointments to listen cause we are going to be flying a whole bunch of you to some GREAT SHOWS for the rest of the year!  The first is Brad Paisley!  He puts on a great show we got to check it out already and he is such a great showman.  My college football season kicks off this week and I’m so excited.  Sure I’m not the only one.  Think that’s about it for now.

– Kris

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