Kris Has A Song Under His Belt

Great weekend. Rascal Flatts had a press conference announcing their new label home. Miranda has number one party this week and we FINALLY finished the song we have been working on that I have been writing with my friend Brian Spradlin. Going to start again the P90X plan that I tried a while back and it worked but I just had too much travel going on. American Idol blew out their judges and have hired J-Lo, Steven Tyler (maybe) to replace Kera and Ellen. Whatever. Had another incident at the gym. Last week I mentioned an old lady came up to me and said “You need to get control of your child!” which I responded, “Did not know I had one” She huffed and walked away. Saturday I’m at the gym stretching and a guy in early 50s walks between me and another guy that is stretching and he has this disgusted look at us and throws his hands up and walks away. The other guy looks at me and says what’s that guys deal? I said I don’t know maybe he did not feel there was enough room for him. I look over at him and said there is room here, he walks over and says “you two got something to say to me?” which we both said, there is room here if you need it. He just went whatever and walked away. WEIRD. Got some other things that I will be telling you about soon that are going REALLY, REALLY well. I’m excited. Tell you about them soon.

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