Kris – The traveling man

All my traveling is almost over. Had some great trips and after this quick vacation coming up, I’m back for a while. Heading to British Virgin Islands. That will be a VERY good time. Saw Inception and really liked it. It’s no “Get Him To The Greek” which is awesome. Our friend Chris Young put out our favorite song on the cd to radio this week. It’s called “Voices”. Wow, what lyrics. The chorus is my ringtone for my parents. Check it out and buy it. It’s a buck and guarantee you will love it. I know we keep saying we have some big news coming and it is all being worked out but it will be the biggest news of our career when it is announced probably late fall/early winter. We will be adding stations between now and then also. Quick note about my nephew, he’s four and will be attending the school I went to growing up. Driving by the other day I guess he asked my sister which building the mommies stay in when he starts school. Thought that was awesome! Favorite app on iphone is fatbooth. Try it. I’ll write more when I get back. See ya.
– Kris

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