Kris Blog- Aquapalooza, Mel Gibson, and Other Stuff

It’s Kris. Just got back from Austin, Tx.. Aquapalooza was a lot of fun. Man a lot of boats and a lot of fun. Jerrod Neiman’s new cd is out and it is great. He played the show and we will talk with him this morning about the cd and his road to this point. I was out of town on a boat all weekend two weeks ago, now at Aquapalooza this past weekend, San Diego this coming weekend, and then to the Islands. I have not spent a weekend at home in so long. Got a song writing session tomorrow and the one song we are real excited about is very close to being done so we will try to get a sample copy of it up soon. Did you see Jimmy Buffett on CMT in Gulf Shores, Al. He was raising awareness for tourism down there. That is where my place is. I just love it there. It was a great show. How about Mel Gibson, what a crazy, mean, racist, jerk. WOW. Can’t believe those calls. I just can’t believe anyone would talk to anyone like that. As angry or upset as I’ve ever been at someone, don’t think I’ve ever talked to them like that. I guess I just felt if you care about someone, you would not talk about them like that and if you don’t care about the person, why talk to them at all? It will be hard for Mel to ever come back from this. This city is so much fun. Can’t remember if I blogged or not but ran into Charles from Lady A on the golf course and he is going to call in on the show this week. It is so cool to be in this city and just run into someone and say “call us” and they do. If you read these, first of all thank you. I also hope you suggest this page and our show to all your friends wherever they may live. Our show is on track for the goal and some big announcements are coming by end of summer. 🙂

Thank you all for your support and friendship.

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