Tony’s Sunday Check-In

Got a little quiet time on a Sunday so I figured I’d check in real quick.

It’s a huge week for country music! ACM Awards tonight! Some early winners have already been announced. Congrats to Miranda & Blake for their wins, video & event, respectively.

On the one hand, I like that some of the categories are fan voted because it wipes out record label politics a little. On the other, I don’t like it because it just introduces “fan politics” where if a particular artist happens to have a more active fan base on the internet, they might be able to squeak a win even if they’re not necessarily the most deserving. Oh well, always something to complain about, I guess.

Lexi is at the Coachella Music & Art Festival in Indio, CA this weekend & I am REALLY jealous. I went with her last year & it was a blast. It’s a 3-day event with TONS of concerts and a lot of cool art & food.

It’s held at the same place that the country version, Stagecoach, is held next weekend. Lots of fun, but crazy hot.

Been riding with Geoffrey as he learns to drive. He’s doing really well. He’s such a cool customer, it’s fun to see him actually a little nervous about something. I like that attitude.

Candy & I went downtown last night with some friends & had a great time. Even though I usually fight leaving the house because I’m lazy & cranky, I always have fun.

Got some exciting show news Friday regarding our ability to be heard on more stations & have someone else handle more of the business & marketing side of things. Once it’s finalized on paper we’ll
share the scoop. We’re thrilled about it!

I think that’s it for now. Gonna grab some lunch & maybe enjoy the sun for a bit with a cold beer. Have a great week!

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