Danica Patrick Retiring?

Danica Patrick Admits a Major Health Issue Could Force Retirement: Danica Patrick is opening up about her severe concussions and noting that retirement is just one bad crash away.
Patrick explains she’s suffered at least a dozen concussions in her career. She will not take any chances and if a doctor diagnoses her as being at risk with another crash, she will not hesitate to retire.

Dishwasher Tip Of The Day!

This tip is so simple you may be upset you did not think of it, or you may be doing it already. The dishwasher can be a pain when having to dig under the rack to get those items that fall through. No more of that with this tip!

Laundry Bag as Dishwashing Aid
Keep mini Tupperware lids, baby-bottle caps, and other small items from falling through the dishwasher rack. You’ll save time by no longer diving for treasure on the floor of the dishwasher.

The Biggest Oscar Flub In History

Academy Awards Best Picture Announcement Botched: Faye Dunaway incorrectly announces “La La Land” as Best Picture – only to find out that she and Warren Beatty had been given the wrong card to read. After the La La Land producers gave heartfelt speeches, a different movie, “Moonlight” is actually given the award. It was a wild ending to what was otherwise a pretty entertaining Oscar show.