Reasons To Do What You Say You Are Going To Do

s-KEEPING-PROMISES-large300Do you mean what you say? Do you say you will do something and then not do it?
Someone says they will call and they don’t. Someone says they will follow through on a project and they don’t. Someone says they will get something important finished by a particular time and they don’t.
How do you feel about someone who says they will do something and they don’t do it?


Cosby May Be Blind

UnknownBill Cosby Is Blind: A New York tabloid has stated that Cosby has lost his eyesight due to a degenerative eye disease, keratoconus. A source close to the former TV dad addressed what his accusers may think upon hearing the news about his current condition.
“His alleged victims may take some solace in the fact that he’s in his own personal hell. He has been suffering from a degenerative eye disease and is completely blind,” the source said, adding, “All his Hollywood friends have turned their backs on him. Continue reading

Will Kris Win His Bet Of No Social Media For A Week?

Kris made a bet that he could go a week without checking social media. Can he do it? Vote Yes or No
kris weekend

MTV Snubs Taylor

taylor_swift_2__1Taylor Swift fails to get nominated for MTV Video Music Awards: The platinum-locked pop star failed to garner any nominations as both her old flame and a feuding partner got nods from the network.
Miss Swift’s ex-boyfriend, Scottish DJ Calvin Harris, is vying for two of the network’s astronaut statuettes, one for “This Is What You Came For,” which Swift co-wrote under the pen name Nils Sjöberg. Continue reading

Oprah’s Place Demolished

UnknownOprah’s Chicago Studio Is Demolished: The building where Oprah Winfrey gave away hundreds of cars (and where Tom Cruise famously jumped up and down on the couch) is a big pile of dust now, and from its ashes … Big Macs will rise.
Continue reading