Shania Twain Announces New Music: It’s official! Shania Twain will release a new single called “Life’s About to Get Good” this June, and a new album in September. It will be her first in 15 years.
Twain’s record label announced the news on Tuesday afternoon (April 25), although fans have long speculated this was coming. Continue reading

The Reasons We Get Dumped

Reasons Why We Get Dumped
Top 10 reasons men were dumped

1. There’s someone else 14%
2. Our dietary habits differ too much 12%
3. Too high maintenance 11%
4. Too short 10%
5. You don’t earn enough money for the lifestyle I want to have 10%
6. You don’t make me feel attractive 10%
7. Lack of punctuality 9%
8. Lack of attraction 9%
9. Too much fighting 9%
10. I don’t feel like I’m a priority 9%

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If He Drowns, He Drowns

Dolph Lundgren is heading underwater to join the cast of Aquaman!

The 59-year-old actor will be joining the cast – which includes Jason Momoa and Amber Heard – of the new DC superhero film in a villainous new role, THR reports.
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